‘Mana Kurralle’ last chance to prove myself: Veera Sanker

A decade after his film ‘Gudumba Shankar’ with superstar Pawan Kalyan bombed, director Veera Sanker is gearing up for his latest directorial ‘Mana Kurralle’. He says it’s his last chance to prove himself as a filmmaker.

'Mana Kurralle' last chance to prove myself Veera Sanker

Sanker, who didn’t have a single release in the last decade, has also produced the film.

“This is my last chance to prove myself as a filmmaker. Since I couldn’t find anybody to produce, I decided to produce ‘Mana Kurralle’ with family and friends. It’s important for me to prove myself because it involves the money of so many of my well-wishers,” Sanker told us.

“It wasn’t easy to make a comeback after that debacle. When your film with a small actor succeeds, it just attracts the attention of a few but when your film with a top star fails, then you become news. Same thing happened with me and I couldn’t get another chance to prove myself,” he said.

The film, which deals about a social issue, features Aravind Krishna, Raj Kalyan, Krishnudu, Venkat and Rachana Malhotra in lead roles.

“We completed shooting long back. With the Telangana issue going on, we’re waiting for a suitable time to release the film, which will be anytime soon,” he added.

Source: MSN

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