Genres don’t define film’s success: Kodi Ramakrishna

Veteran Telugu filmmaker Kodi Ramakrishna talks about genres and upcoming sci-fi film ‘Avataram’.

Genres don't define film's success Kodi Ramakrishna

Kodi Ramakrishna, known for churning out blockbusters such as ‘Ammoru’ and ‘Arundhati’ in mythology and fantasy genres, says that the success of any film depends on its ‘story’ and ‘execution’, but not on genre.

“I don’t think genres have anything to do with the prospect of a film at the box office. It’s the story and how it’s executed that eventually decides the fate of a film. We’ve had so many films across several genres not doing well because of a weak story,” Ramakrishna told us.

His upcoming Telugu film titled ‘Avataram’ is in the science fiction genre. Read More On MSN

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