Santosh Sivan’s son contributed to teaser of ‘Inam’

The first teaser of Santosh Sivan’s ‘Inam’, which was released recently has received phenomenal response from the audience. Santosh says he has incorporated a few things that he learnt from his son in the teaser.

Santosh Sivan's son contributed to teaser of 'Inam'

The 50 seconds teaser shows how even small living beings such as goats, turtles and even insects run for cover during an explosion in the midst of a war.

“My son (who is in class one) is very fond of animals. He domesticates fish and birds and once even had a turtle at home. During one Diwali, he took me out on the streets and showed me how little bugs were scared of the crackers and were running around for cover,” Santosh told us.

“That registered in my head and I decided to include all that in my teaser. I’m happy that it has come out very well and has appealed to the audience,” he added.

‘Inam’ is the story of a group of teenagers in an orphanage during a Sri Lankan civil war. It features Saritha, Karunas, Karan and Sugandha in lead roles.

Source: MSN

Santosh Sivan's son contributed to teaser of 'Inam' by