Neil Nitin Mukesh: Don’t make mistake of writing me off

Year 2013 wasn’t the best for Neil Nitin Mukesh. Three of his films – ‘David’, ’3G’ and ‘Shortcut Romeo‘ led to many thinking that he has exhausted his career opportunities, but the handsome actor says he’s just six years old in the industry and he shouldn’t be written off just like that.

Neil Nitin Mukesh Don't make mistake of writing me off

“Please don’t make the mistake of writing me off,” said the well-spoken Neil, who turned 32 on January 15.

The fact that his three back-to-back films bombed at the box office in a year full of big screen gems triggered speculation on his box office status and future in cinema.

But he laughs off speculation about his exit from movies.

“Tell me, which showbiz personality doesn’t face ups and downs in his career? My grandfather, the great singer Mukesh was out of work for five years until the songs of ‘Kabhi Kabhi’ brought him back with a bang. People want to portray me as a poor loser? So be it. Let them be happy at my expense,” he said.

Neil knows he doesn’t sell as a solo hero.

“Sure, I did three solo-hero films in 2013. But ensemble casts have never been a problem for me. If they were a problem, I wouldn’t have done ‘New York’ with John Abraham or ‘Players’ with Abhishek Bachchan. The character, and not footage or billing is my thing. In ‘Players’, I took on the role of a sleazy villain. Which other leading man would do that?Read more on msn.


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