Hate Story 2 Movie Review

Hate Story 2, which means to continue the erotic thriller vibe of its 2012 precursor, was the recipient of such irritable indifference in the movie theater I saw it this morning.

Under any other circumstances, I would certainly have protested but this 2nd one, directed by Vishal Pandya, in the Hate collection is as gutless, witless, soulless and sexless as the initial.

Hate Story 2 Movie Review

Hate Story 2 Movie Review

Like Subhash Ghai’s blockheaded Kaanchi, Hate Story 2 is a done-to-death grudge twaddle concerning a ghastly politician with a scary chess fixation (Sushant Singh), an unpleasant girlfriend with a disturbing stiletto fetish (Surveen Chawla) and a plaything boy fancying her from photography lesson (Jay Bhanushali).

Surveen Chawla is persistently excited by Bhanushali’s doltish tricks and Hate Story 2 hastily proceeds to document exactly what it believes to be the ‘erotic’ element of the story.

Does not take much of an IQ to find out what takes place when a possessive, politically well-connected bully discovers of his woman’s intermediary with another.

However Hate Story 2′s neglectfulness is in an organization of its very own, also a traffic congestion shows a lot more personality and unpredictability.

Fail to remember reasoning, novelty or dynamism, Pandya’s movie does not even possess the sentimentality to make a singular moment of compassion for its apparently damageded heroine.

Chawla’s change from a weird, faltering victim to a gun totting retaliating angel dodging police officers, thugs and press is crazy.

And there’s Sushant Singh, sporting a tough moustache, doing the common grunting/grimacing regular while consistently splitting a load of third-rate ‘Baba kehte the’ couplets that neither entertain nor impress.

A stagnant story with flatly implemented scenes of retribution and a lacklustre leading lady; Hate Tale 2 is also unimportant to be erotic or thrilling.

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